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Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
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Enhanced User ExperienceNew FeaturesDid you know...
Collapse Menu Based NavigationMenu Based Navigation
Finding a feature in Enterprise Manager is now easy with menus. Well-designed menu navigation makes the product easy to learn and remember.
Expand Interactive Correlation ChartsInteractive Correlation Charts
Expand Dynamic Context MenuDynamic Context Menu
Expand Context Sensitive HelpContext Sensitive Help
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Collapse SOA ManagementSOA Management
You can manage, monitor and diagnose the SOA infrastructure, as well as the composite applications you deploy. You can configure service engines such as BPEL, Mediator, Human Work Flow and can deploy and manage SCA composite applications.
Expand Identity ManagementIdentity Management
Expand WebCenter ManagementWebCenter Management
Expand Complete Security and Audit ManagementComplete Security and Audit Management
Expand Configure Logging and Search Log FilesConfigure Logging and Search Log Files
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Manage SOA/MDS/ADF Applications
You can deploy and manage SOA, MDS, ADF and Java EE applications. The rich set of metrics and monitoring information allows you to proactively manage the health of the application and diagnose performance bottlenecks.
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