Provider Enrollment Status Inquiry Tool

This tool provides the status history of all Part A and Part B Internet-based Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (Internet-based PECOS) or paper–submitted CMS-855/588 (EFT) applications, including Phase 3 revalidation applications (requests issued by Novitas after September 20, 2013. Please note, the typical timeframe for the status of Phase 3 revalidation applications to be available is approximately 10-15 business days after receipt.

The tool also includes the issue date of Phase 3 revalidation notices.  If you have not yet received a notice and want to know if one was issued, you may search using your National Provider Identifier (NPI), Legal Business Name (LBN) or First/Last Name.

Status history information is available for all applications from receipt through completion. Processed/completed application history is maintained for 6 months.

Using the dropdown menu in the field next to “Search with”, you have the ability to search using various criteria. Once you have entered your search criteria, click on “Submit Query”.   Do not hit the enter key.

Search results are based on exact matches between the input search criteria and the information we record directly from the application. Please ensure you enter search data exactly as it appears on your application. You may select one search criterion at a time. If a search is unsuccessful, you can retry your search again using any one of the other search criterion.

If you have submitted multiple applications to Novitas within recent history, you may receive more than one exact match in the search results. If this occurs, click on the DCN or CCN associated to the application you would like to view. If you would like to go back to the search results screen to view another DCN or CCN, click "Return to Multiple Results Page".

Recent News: Recent enhancements to the Provider Enrollment Status Tool.