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Novitas Medicare Learning Center Web Based Training Course Catalog - Part A

Novitas Solutions strives to offer providers convenient access to the information and educational tools they need to increase their knowledge of the Medicare program. So, in addition to our live training events, we also offer you the advantage of self-paced, free online courses that will allow you and your staff to train when and where it is most convenient for you. In addition, our comprehensive course catalog allows you to find the Medicare training that fits your specific needs. We are adding new web based training courses in the near future. Check back often for an updated list.

Note: At this time, we do not offer Continuing Education Credits.

Registration instructions: If you have an existing training account through the Novitas Medicare Learning Center and wish to register for a specific online course, click course title link to begin the registration process. If you do not have a training account, please click here to create one.

Course Title


Duration (minutes)

Evaluation and Management 101

This course introduces the documentation guidelines for evaluation and management services as outlined by CMS to include the various categories of codes and the principles of medical record documentation.


Medicare Appeals Process (Part A)

The Medicare Appeals Process (Part A) course provides an overview of the claims process, appeals process, redetermination, reconsideration, administrative law judge, departmental appeals board, and federal district court review.


National Correct Coding Initiative

The National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) was implemented to prevent improper payment when incorrect code combinations occur. Complete this course to learn the background on this initiative, NCCI Policies, NCCI Indicators claims denied due to incorrect coding combinations, and the use of modifiers.


Understanding NCDs and LCDs

Have you ever heard of National Coverage Determinations (NCDs), and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs), and wondered how they impact you as a provider? This course will explain the purpose of these medical policies and where you can access them from Novitas and CMS’ provider websites. You will also learn the key components of an LCD and NCD, and how to apply them to your medical records and claims to avoid costly denials and delays in payment.


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Last modified:  09/14/2017