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Electronic Remittance Advice: How to Retrieve an ERA

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files can be retrieved using one of three methods: Novitasphere (our free internet portal), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. (CAQH) Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE)-compliant connection for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). More information on retrieving the ERA, including screenshots, is available in the ERA Training Modules.

Novitasphere Portal

After enrolling in Novitasphere, connect to Novitasphere to retrieve your ERA by completing the following steps.

1. Log in to Novitasphere at https://www.novitasphere.com.
2. Click Claim Submission/ERA.
3. Click on File Status And Reports.
4. Enter your search date range and click either Search New Files or Search Old Files.
New reports will be located under "Search New Files" and previously downloaded reports will be located under "Search Old Files."
ERA files begin with "835" in the Filename field.

More information about Novitasphere, including the User Manual and enrollment information, can be found on the Novitasphere Center. (JH) (JL)


SFTP is a secure data connection that you establish with an approved Network Service Vendor (NSV).

Once you are connected through your SFTP software, you will access the "Current" directory, which will include all reports that are not downloaded or are newly created. The "Download" directory houses all of the past reports that were downloaded. Downloaded reports should be saved in a folder that is easy to access. ERA files will begin with "835" in the Name field.

Note: Do not delete files out of the "Downloaded" directory, as this will delete them permanently and they will no longer be retrievable.

For more information on connecting and use of your SFTP software, contact your Network Service Vendor directly.

HTTPS CAQH CORE-Compliant Connection for EDI.

HTTPS CAQH CORE-compliant connection for EDI is a secure connection for sending the Claim Status Request Transaction (276) and receiving the Claim Status Response (277) and/or ERA (835). Submitters are required to purchase an X.509 Client Certificate and submit it to Novitas Solutions prior to use. More information on using this method is available in the HTTPS CAQH CORE-Compliant Connectivity Guide.

Additional Notes

For PC-ACE users, in order to view your remittance using the software you will need to set the destination folder for downloaded reports as “Mailbox.” When looking at the directory breakdown, it should look like this: C:\\WINPCACE\mailbox
The ERA is only available for download for 45 calendar days in our system. Access the Novitas' systems several times a week to ensure no files are missed.
The ERA can be reset as many times as needed during those 45 calendar days. However, it is a good idea to establish a routine to retrieve the ERA daily and post it promptly. If no claims finalize on a particular day, no ERA will be created.
Note: We will continue to send a Standard Paper Remittance (SPR) to Part A providers for 31 calendar days after the initial ERA setup. We will continue to send an SPR to Part B providers for 45 calendar days after the initial ERA setup. This allows providers the opportunity to compare the data on the ERA with the SPR to assist with proper posting and to ensure providers are receiving their ERA correctly before the SPR is discontinued.

Duplicate Remittance

To request a duplicate remittance that is older than 45 days for Part B, access the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit at 1-855-252-8782 for JH or 1-877-235-8073 for JL, and from the main menu, complete the following commands:

Press Option 5 for Other
Press Option 4 for Financial
Press Option 3 for Duplicate Remittance

This will order a Standard Paper Remittance to be mailed to the provider’s office.

Novitasphere Portal users will be able to order Standard Paper Remittance older than 45 days via the Claims Info option to be downloaded to their mailbox the following day.

To request a duplicate remittance that is older than 45 days for Part A, contact a Customer Service representative at 1-855-252-8782 for JH or 1-877-235-8073 for JL to order a paper remittance to be mailed to the provider’s office.

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Last modified:  08/15/2017