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How to Correctly Submit Additional Documentation

Medical Review Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Process

When a claim is selected for medical review, an ADR is generated requesting medical documentation to be submitted to ensure payment is appropriate. Novitas Solutions specifies in the ADR, a description of the type of documentation that is needed to make the coverage or coding determination, along with the date of service.

Make sure you review the ADR letter carefully as the ADR letter may request multiple types of documentation. CMS guidelines require providers to submit documentation within 45 days of the ADR date.

Mock Additional Development Request document

If you need to change the address we have for you to receive ADRs, please complete a CMS-855 enrollment form. For a step-by-step tutorial on filling out the CMS-855 enrollment form to change an address, please review How to Change a Practice Mailing Address. Should you need assistance, please call our Customer Contact Center for assistance:

JL: 1-877-235-8073
JH: 1-855-252-8782

Submitting Your Documentation

Novitas Solutions accepts medical records via:

US Mail
Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD)

Once an ADR is received a provider should do the following:

Collect all requested documentation
Verify all documentation requested is included in your submission
Attach the original ADR request as the cover sheet to the records
Service Specific Prepay Review
Prepay Probe - Post Payment Probe - Novitas Solutions will provide a fax cover sheet (ADR is not generated in the Multi-Carrier System) and providers will attach all requested documentation

If you are responding to multiple ADR requests, clearly separate the documentation for each claim. You will need to submit the first page for each ADR letter separately with documentation that pertains to that ADR letter. Multiple responses sent together, but not separated, may result in the documentation being imaged as one claim or claim may be rejected completely.

Mailing Addresses for ADR Response and Manual Development Response (Probes)




JH ADR Response

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma

Novitas Solutions, Inc.
JH Part B ADR/Medical Records
P.O. Box 3094
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-1812

JL ADR Response

Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington D.C.

Novitas Solutions, Inc.
JL Part B ADR/Medical Records
P.O. Box 3065
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-1807

JH and JL-Probe Response

All States

Novitas Solutions, Inc.
Part B Medical Review/Manual
Development Response
P.O. Box 3007
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-1800

Physical address for mail that cannot be sent through a P.O. Box, including overnight delivery/certified mail:

Novitas Solutions, Inc.
Attention: Medical Review/Medical Records Submission
2020 Technology Parkway, Suite 100
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

When submitting hardcopy medical records, please consider the following suggestions:

Please do not use staples or paperclips
Each packet should be bound with a rubber band with the appropriate ADR on top and the correct medical records
Please avoid mixing single and double-sided documents
Return the medical record to the correct address listed on the ADR
Please do not include any other correspondence or claims that do not pertain to your ADR
Make sure the physician’s signature is legible or include an attestation of signature

Electronic submission of ADR Documentation - esMD

Providers can submit requested ADR documentation electronically through the esMD. This process will allow providers to submit medical documentation over secure electronic means. The process is secure, time efficient and cost effective!

Information on signing up for esMD can be found at the CMS website.

Fax Submission

The fax image option allows for documentation to be submitted directly to Novitas Solutions.

Fax ADR responses for all regions to 1-877-439-5479 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
Faxes should not exceed 200 pages
A copy of the ADR letter must accompany the fax
Submit only documentation for date of service and procedure code requested

CD/DVD Submission

Providers may submit medical records via password protected CD/DVD.

If your CD/DVD is password protected, send an email SECUREPSWD@novitas-solutions.com
Include the following in your email:
Subject: CD/DVD Password, Provider Name
Body of email: Provider name, Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) and the DCN/ICNs applicable to the CD/DVD, and the password
If you are responding to multiple MR ADR requests, clearly separate the documentation for each claim.


Save time and money by electronically submitting medical records and requesting comparative billing reports through Novitasphere. Submit your PHI/PII securely and with confidence. For more information, please visit the Novitasphere (JH) (JL) page of our website.

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Last modified:  04/06/2018