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Novitasphere: New Enrollment, Account Updates and Changes

Enrollment for New Users


Novitasphere is not available for Veterans Affairs customers at this time.
Prior to enrolling for Novitasphere please review the Technical Requirements.
Novitasphere users using the Claim Submission feature must use an approved software vendor, ABILITY | PC-ACE or Part B Providers can use Direct Data Entry (DDE) to submit claims via Novitasphere. While we can accept test files through Novitasphere, testing is not required.
Your current active, non-Novitasphere submitter ID setup will be maintained. You may continue to submit claims under your current submitter ID. You are not required to submit through Novitasphere.
ERA is required to enroll for Novitasphere, and may only be designated to one submitter/receiver ID. Please carefully review the ERA section of the form for your options. We will continue to send a Standard Paper Remittance (SPR) for 45 days after initial ERA enrollment for Part B, and 31 days after initial ERA enrollment for Part A.
Please allow 10 business days before contacting EDI Services for a status of electronic billing forms sent for processing.
Avoid submitting a duplicate request, and inquire about the status of your submitted form by using the Form Status and Verification Inquiry Tool.

Account Updates and Changes for Existing Novitasphere Users

EDI Novitasphere Portal Submitter ID Update Request Form (FP167PJH) - Use this form to update your Office Approver, Office Back-Up Approver, or other Submitter ID details on file.
EDI Fax Cover sheet - Use this form to fax general correspondence to EDI. This form is not required when sending a Novitasphere Enrollment Form, or Novitasphere Submitter Update Request Form.
Existing EIDM Users Adding the Novitasphere Application
Updating Email Address in EIDM
Deleting Organizations or Roles from an Existing EIDM ID
Updating the Legal Business Name or Tax ID in EIDM
Adding Additional Roles to Your EIDM User ID
For password update instructions and video tutorials, please visit the Reference Materials page, under EIDM Reference Materials.

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Last modified:  01/24/2019