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My staff handles multiple practices and almost 100 providers. Having access to Novitasphere has allowed their productivity to almost double in the AR department. – Falcon Practice Management
I've been a Medicare-certified psychologist for several years, but until this year I worked for an agency which did the billing.  This summer I committed to learning how to use Novitasphere, and with the help of customer service, I accomplished this.  Now, using the portal is easy. – Allen Zaklad, PhD, Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania
So many patients have Medicare, why would you not want to have access to patient coverage information and claims? If you need assistance signing up, customer service is very friendly, easy to understand, and patient with non-computer savvy people. – Ruth Garcia, Bright Eyes Vision Clinics, Colorado
Responses to reconsiderations are a lot quicker using portal than faxing those in. Also, getting claim status, before the Explanation of Benefits comes in, helps to get claims corrected and rebilled in a more timely fashion. – South Heart Clinic
I am in a small solo private practice and do my own billing.  This has greatly streamlined the billing process for me.  I also appreciate the excellent service that I have received when I've needed to phone in the Novitasphere Help Desk. - Diana Taylor Livi, LCSW-C, Psychotherapist, Towson, MD
Must have!!! Novitasphere saves a tremendous amount of time to be able to perform tasks so quickly and accurately.  The self-service tools are extremely helpful.   Everything you need from start to finish has been added to Novitasphere. – Ms. Jan
Finding EOBs I have missed downloading is so simple and quick.  It really makes my job so much easier. – Tammye Caldwell, Office Manager, Bibb Chiropractic Center
What are you waiting for? Novitasphere is a game changer! #TheREALMVP of the Provider Portal World!! Sign up Today!To be honest, every time I use Novitasphere, there is always success. Novitasphere never lets me down! If a patient is unsure if they have met their deductible for the year, I can log in and show them. If there is an issue with COB information, I can show them what Medicare has listed as the primary insurance and direct them to call the BCRC to have it corrected. I use Novitasphere to check to see if the information has been updated, and if it has, I know I can refile the claim. The amount of time Novitasphere saves me is incredible! – Bree Hurley, Shore Orthopedics INC.
It is great to use the electronic billing and reduce the use of paper.  You get clear directives of what has happened to the claim and responses to calls for more information.I have been able to submit my claims immediately after seeing my clients. It is very convenient and easy to use. Thank you for the excellent Help Desk Service and the representatives who patiently answer any inquiries I have had! – Victoria Cofield-Aber, LCSW-C, Joel L Aber Personal Development Center
It's been a "game changer" to look up a patient's eligibility status on Novitasphere.  It's much faster than calling Medicare and has resulted in fewer claim rejections.I use Novitasphere every day.  It’s very helpful when a patient forgets to bring the new Medicare card.  It’s also helpful for me to check to see if a patient is due for a wellness exam.  – Andrew S Dobin, M.D., P.A.

For help with Novitasphere, contact the dedicated Novitasphere Help Desk at 1-855-880-8424.

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Last modified:  03/19/2019